Sinfully Pleasurable Pole Dance and Fitness

Young, sexy fit woman pole dancing on stone wall background with glutes on pole.

Promoting Aerial Arts for Pole Dancers

Welcome to the hub for pole dance devotees, whole body wellness, and the awesome human body. My name is Chris Nawojczyk, Founder and Creator of this brand. I am a pole dancer, fitness entrepreneur, and yoga enthusiast. My love for pole dance and the pole fitness industry urged me to start a company to share my experiences, teach others, and contribute my enthusiasm for this raunchy, healthy, and rewarding practice.

I sell quality products and apparel to serve the pole dance industry to include my flagship brand X-POLE, of which I am an official dealer. Nevertheless, I am just passionate about this fun, enjoyable, and sensually amazing activity, empowering me to in body, mind and soul.

Moreover, find informative articles on my experience and knowledge in pole dance and fitness workouts. I write posts on the greater pole dance industry too. Read it all at my BLOG. Enjoy!


Meet Chris Nawojczyk

I built the Lust Pole brand because I am absolutely addicted to pole dancing. Not only does it meet my physical fitness demands but it fulfills my passionate inner needs. I am enthusiastic about sharing my pole dance journey on this site, from daily practice routines to the greater community of pole dance and fitness.

In addition to pole fitness I am an avid yogi. I love traditional Vinyasa flow yoga and am especially into tantric-kundalini forms of traditional Hatha. Though not necessary, I do enjoy working out with free weights such as kettlebells. I swim in the ocean too—especially here in California. Moreover, I am working on an experiment to see how pole dancing alone strengthens my lower body in addition to my upper body. Check out my latest blog posts for updates on what I discover as I keep my workouts exclusive to pole.

Chris Nawojczyk mounted on dance pole wearing black thong and top.
Chris Nawojczyk mounted on dance pole wearing black thong and top.