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Chris Nawojczyk mounted on dance pole wearing black thong and top.
Chris Nawojczyk mounted on dance pole wearing black thong and top.

Holistic Pole Dance and Fitness For Your Radical Self

The Lust Pole brand focuses on pole dancing from a artistic and authentic approach: enhancing body, mind and spirit through the awesome power of the body in motion. Pole dancing and aerial fitness are simultaneously artwork and exceptional exercise. In addition pole dancing is sensual and erotically liberating for your entire being. You are expressing your raw, unbridled willpower on a pole, which creates stunningly sexy art form. No wonder it emerged in the strip club industry.

Beyond stripping and adult entertainment, pole dancing has become a popular industry worldwide. Championships, competitions and communities have arisen with international recognition. Many cities in the United States have pole dance studios.

Pole fitness girl performs inverted leg split at studio wearing colorful outfit.
Pole fitness and dance to enhance body, mind and spirit.

A Sultry Form of Exercise

The workout benefits from regular pole fitness are unique compared to other kinds of exercise. Rather than doing constant sets and repetitions with weights or sequencing yourself through yoga poses on a mat, pole fitness encourages the full stretching of yourself both mentally and physically. The hormonal effects can be amazing combined with the psychological release from unleashing your wild side. Additionally, the biological benefits of the body-weight maneuvers creates a total body workout for your entire being.

Pole Fitness Health Effects

  • It strengthens your core frame as you work muscles you never knew you had, building raw muscularity
  • It works both your upper-body and lower-body, developing tone, definition and joint integrity
  • It stretches your limbs and fascia (tissue beneath the skin) through body weight and gravity
  • It teaches you discipline of balance and grip awareness as you maneuver yourself through various positions
  • It has a washing machine ‘spin-cycle’ effect on your body, moving prana (life-force) energy and circulating blood
  • It is psychological and mental therapy for your body and mind, reducing stress and balancing hormones

Furthermore, pole fitness is fun. It’s something enjoyable that never seems to get boring due to the sport’s wide range of whole body capability. There’s never a dull moment in pole fitness. It is physically demanding, but very rewarding.

Girl whirls around pole doing full leg split in pole dance studio wearing pink shorts and yellow top.
Pole fitness for the whole being, developing core strength and body awareness.


About Lioness Chris Nawojczyk

Chris Nawojczyk pole dancing filthy in black thong and top, spreading legs in "v."
Chris Nawojczyk pole dancing filthy in black thong and top, spreading legs in “v.”

Hi, my name is Chris. I am a bold spirit who ventures beyond gender norms to be my truest, authentic self. I created LUSTPOLE DANCE & FITNESS to express my love for this unique and sometimes forbidden art of pole dance, which also has exceptional health and fitness benefits. I value the artistic and spiritual aspect of the pole tradition just as much as the physical. Thus I want to celebrate the awesome blissful power of the human body in motion, and share my entrepreneurial journey with my like-minded friends and acquaintances.

I am a plant-based athlete, and have been since spring 2016 when I bought my first X-Pole. I was in law school at the time, having just completed my first L1 year. My awareness and personal feelings toward self-expression started taking new levels. I got tired of experiencing oppressive norms of society and culture, whether in law school or the professional world at large, and was ready to break out of my shell and experience something new. I wanted to be my wild and rebellious self—I bought an X-Stage Lite. Though I intend on finishing my JD in the future, I am an entrepreneur at heart who values the ability to create my own business and express myself fully.

Having discovered the pole fitness industry a few years prior, I saw it was gaining lots of attention with an enthusiastic community. All kinds of people started doing pole as practitioners, attending classes, and competing in championships.

My Background

I am a New England native born and raised in Massachusetts. Hence, I now reside in San Diego County, California. I grew up with an avid interest in art and culture, but was often stifled in my desire to explore and better understand the world from an unbiased, classical liberal perspective. I was raised Christian, and though I don’t discount the many virtuous truths of that as well as other ancient spiritual paths, I grew up around private school and church faculty teaching that sex is wrong, and that lust is a bad thing.

I emphasize a philosophy of opening up and letting go to your intrinsic, raw nature. You are beautiful just the way you are. My mission is to encourage, inspire and educate all like-minded individuals in the greater pole fitness and yoga community, as I serve as an example of one who strives to reach his highest potential in body, mind and spirit.

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